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Change is perhaps the only unrestrained order on which enterprises thrive and prosper. It is change that drives innovation, proves leadership and enables growth. Slack, stale and static approaches do not have a place where dynamism and vibrancy are needed. Conventional approaches and adherence to traditions do not hold water in constantly volatile and turbulent scenarios.

Given these conditions, rightly enterprises and corporates are constantly looking for such managerial human resources who are adept and yet adaptive. More so, they look for those who are resourceful and at the same time are inventive

IBA managers belong to this unique class. Through a 3D approach to learning – Discourse, Dialogue and Discussion, they are trained to be Creative, Enlightened and Organic Leaders (CEOs).

IBA's two-year leadership training is immersed in real-world challenges.  IBA is a rare community of colleagues and faculty who demonstrate a diverse world of talents, beliefs and backgrounds.  Their learning rigor is intense that results in personal and professional transformations and prepares them for challenges in multi-functional area.

The learning is pervasive and powerful. It drives them to reach inside themselves for the strength, skills and confidence they will need to face in their managerial careers. In every session, class, event, and activity, IBAians are trained not only to study leadership, but demonstrate it.

B.M.L. Jain

Chairman, IBA
B. Tech (IIT Kanpur 65-70)

Mr. B.M.L. Jain is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur and an entrepreneur with a keen interest in Management theory and practice. For his contribution to the economic progress of the nation, he has been awarded the prestigious "Udyog Patra" by Minister for Human Resources Development, Govt. of India. Mr. Jain is also the recipient of a 'Letter of Appreciation' from Bharatiya Ekta Parishad for his efforts towards National Integration. The Group's Engineering Unit was selected for ‘World Quality Commitment International Star Award' for the year 2007 by B.I.D. Spain for Corporate achievements, leadership, quality, innovation, excellence, technology & customer service.

He was given 'Corporate Philanthropist Award' by AIMS International, USA in the year 2009 at IIM Bangalore. With an insider’s view of management in India, his experiences on the subject are much sought after.....

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