Typical Day Schedule @ IBA

7:00 AM to
9:30 AM

Head to the Student Activity Center for a workout at the gym and meet friends for a breakfast in mess and move to the first lecture.

9:30 AM to
11:00 AM

Join the Professor for a session on Accounting and Finance and learn tools to take crucial business decisions.

11:00 AM to
11:30 AM

Discuss the presentation with group mates over a cup of coffee.

11:30 AM to
1:00 PM

Brain storm with fellow students on Business Strategy facilitated by faculty.

1:00 PM to
2:00 PM

Head to the mess for lunch.

2:00 PM to
3:30 PM

Its time to discuss important Marketing concepts. Challenge the presentations of batchmates and learn in the process.

3:30 PM to
4:00 PM

Meet the workgroup for a cup of coffee at YumBox and finalise presentation for next class.

4:00 PM to
5:30 PM

How to manage Human Capital? Take the crucial HR decision in the case study discussed in class!

5:30 PM to
7:00 PM

Rewind and Recharge! Quick snacks at mess and join friends for a game of volleyball, pool, table tennis or football.

7:30 PM to
8:00 PM

Participate in student club meetings and prepare for the next event!

8:00 PM to
9:00 PM

Have dinner at mess and discuss day's progress with friends.

9:00 PM to
11:59 PM

Finish class assignments and prepare for next day lectures. Also participate and compete in popular club events.

0:00 AM to
1:00 AM

Head to YumBox, your favorite hangout place to share light moments with friends over a cup of coffee!

Life @ IBA

Life @ IBA
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